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Ronda Howard is the Owner of Decorative Finishing by Ronda C. Howard.  She is Originally from Kentucky and has lived in the Youngstown Area since 1998. Ronda began Decorative Finishing in 1989 and was intially self taught. She attended classes in basic painting techniques at the local Vocational School in Kentucky in the early 1990's. Finding her passion in decorative art, she wanted to know more than basic painting techniqes and began training with the masters in the field of Decorative Finishing.   Ronda has studied with Martin Allan Hirsch from the Decorative Finishes Studio in Louisville, Kentucky, Profaux, Melanie Royals(Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs), Barth White(Barth's Faux Effects Decorative Finishes Studio from Las Vegas, NV),  Tish Inman of Murals to Go  to name a few. Ronda has also completed education in interior design and received a certificate in Interior Design from Ohio University in 1993.  Ronda uses only the best professional products available to create her custom decorative finishes. 

The Artist attends as many classes and/or conventions as her schedule will permit in order to stay ahead of the latest decorating and color trends as well as new professional materials that are introduced to the market.   The products used to achieve  custom finishes are of the highest quality and cannot be found in a home improvement store. Most finishes are created using water based materials,that are enviornmentally friendly.  Ronda's clientel is not limited to the Youngstown area. She has clients in Ashland, Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Huntington, WVa, as well as Columbus, Cleveland, Shaker Heights, and South East Ohio. No matter where you are, Ronda will come to you. Local area includes Boardman, Ohio, Salem, Ohio, Columbiana, Ohio, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Akron/Canton, Ohio, Streetsboro, Ohio, Ravenna, Ohio, Warren, Ohio, Niles, Ohio, and other surrounding areas.   On large projects, Ronda Utilizes other Professional Artisans to form a team so the larger projects are completed in a timely manner.  Small projects are usually completed without the use of a team. 

Ronda has completed projects in Residential and Commercial environments utilizing other artisans when needed on larger projects. In 2007 a home in which Ronda designed decorative finishes for almost every room received the "Award for Excellence" by a local Builders Association. In addition to decorative wall finishes, Ronda can assist you with interior design consultations to include color selection, furniture placement, accessories and more. If you see something in a magazine or book that you would like in your home or business, have the picture available at your consultation. Ronda can usually duplicate anything you may see in a magazine or book. Decorative Finishing by Ronda C. Howard is in the IDAL(International Decorative Artisans League), Talk Faux International and the Faux Directory.Decorative Finishing by Ronda C. Howard values the opportunity to offer options
that are well beyond ordinary to allow you to experience new and innovative
ideas that can be incorporated into your home or business that will leave you
Each commission is approached with an eye for the client’s individual taste and
style. A passion for creating unique and lasting designs, and a wealth of
experience will delight even the most exacting clients. Your walls, ceilings, and/or cabinetry will become conversation peices that will enhance all the other investments in your home or business. 

Decorative Finishing by Ronda C. Howard was established in 2000 and specializes in  decorative wall finishing, venetian plaster, textured finishes, stencilling, wood graining, marbling, color matching, interior decoration, unique furniture finishes, creative ceilings and murals. Decorative Finishing by Ronda C. Howard takes pride  in the quality of the products used and the craftsmanship of  work. Don't be fooled by those who call themselves "faux finishers" or "faux painters" and use inferior products. The products used to achieve  custom finishes are of the highest quality and cannot be found in a home improvement store.